Products / Pricing

Look at the table below to get an idea of the functions
that mobileSTATS can perform.

The list is not exhaustive but is designed to give you an
outline of our capabilities.

7 day view continuous tracking
Real-time reporting Visitor tracking Yes Yes
Visitor location tracking Yes Yes
Referrer tracking Yes Yes
Search term performance Yes Yes
CPC performance Yes Yes
Specific visitor behaviour Yes Yes
Page views per visit by referrer/advert Yes Yes
Time spent on site by referrer/advert Yes Yes
Tracking Functions Search engine Bot tracking Yes Yes
Mobile device visitor monitoring Yes Yes
Visitor operating system monitoring Yes Yes
Visitor IP address Yes Yes
Mobile screen resolution Yes Yes
Mobile screen size Yes Yes
Mobile screen colours Yes Yes
Support AJAX tracking Yes Yes
Monitor downloads Yes Yes
Enquiry forms route Yes Yes
Call links path monitoring Yes Yes
Sales value/Search Terms Yes Yes
Afflilate linking/External links performance Yes Yes
Email marketing Logs users email address Yes Yes
Cold callers report Yes Yes
Document report Export Yes Yes
types CSV Yes Yes
XML Yes Yes
BRML cross POA
PDF cross POA
Data functionality Page views per annum <10m <10m
Data recording timeframe 10 x 7day SNAPSHOTS (or <=1m PV’s) Ongoing
Data archiving timeframe 1 year 3 years
Historic comparison Between SNAPSHOTS <=3 years
Integration to client platforms through API cross Yes
Monthly cost per domain (charged annually) £9.90+VAT £24.31+VAT
HTTPS support Yes (additional charge) Yes (additional charge)